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New Blog August 2, 2008

Posted by Hegemony in Uncategorized.

I’ve decided to deversify.  I often find that the science I want to blog about wouldn’t be of interest to many people.  When I find something to write about here, it has often been a while since the last post.  So, please visit my new blog “Honestly Anomalous“.  I’ll still be blogging about science, but also about sci-fi, technology, and whatever happens to make me chuckle.  I go by Oolon Colluphid there, so don’t get confused.



1. iliyan - December 21, 2011

Well i just read your short comment on decoupling oxidative phosphorylation .
Without knowing your credentials it seems you know something as I read all the posts so would you be kind to light me up about the subject because as I read I realize that I’m using exactly that decoupling oxidative phosphorylation all the time i mean it
Running Half naked in a minus 3-5 degrees Celsius (it s one my favorite exercise keep me in fit and don’t have a problems with a sore throat cold never an so on )
So I notice that all the time like 10 minutes after i start running the extreme energy flows toward my body and it s like switching the fuel with nuclear
Around 20 min past already boy I’m sweating like crazy even outside s minus 10 ??? Always wonder what the f..
so if you can post some more extensive info about the subject I ll appreciate very much .Thanks again

2. hammondchurch97975 - April 9, 2016

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